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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

On Friday, April 17th, at 12pm through Monday, April 20th, at 8am, DMHDDSAS phones will be temporarily out of services. If you need assistance, please call 919-981-2580 and we will ensure that your message is emailed to the appropriate staff person.


Archived Implementation Updates: 2009

Current Implementation Updates

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2009 Implementation Updates

Implementation Update #65

Special Implementation Update #65 (12/10/09)

  • Payment Error Rate Measurement in NC
  • Provider Verification & Credentialing
  • PCP Development by TFC Providers
  • Changes in SAIOP, SACOT, and ACTT
  • CS Case Management Component
  • CAP-MR/DD Update
  • CABHA Service Array Clarification

Implementation Update #64

Implementation Update #63

Implementation Update #63 (11/2/09)
For updated documents go to the CABHA Index

  • Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency
  • ValueOptions Webinars
  • PSR Transition for Recipients receiving PSR/CS
  • CS with other Enhanced Services
  • Psychiatric Evaluation for Level III & IV
  • New Authorizations for Level III and Level IV
  • Discharge/Transition Plans for Level III & Level IV
  • PCP Development and Level II Program - IV
  • PCP Development & Day Treatment Providers
  • Service Provision Timelines for Endorsed Providers
  • LMEs Billing Medicaid on behalf of Providers
  • Provider Verification and Credentialing Activities

Attachment: CABHA Description

Implementation Update #62

Implementation Update #62 (10/8/09)

  • CSS Transition and NC-Topps
  • Revised Discharge/Transition Plans for CSS/Level III & IV
  • Medicaid-Funded Enhanced Services Ages 18-20
  • Provider Responsibility for Retention of Records
  • Endorsement Update
  • Medicaid Enrollment Effective Date
  • CAP-MR/DD Update
  • Medicaid Reimbursement Rate Update
  • Notice of Medicaid Identification Card Changes


Implementation Update #61

Special Implementation Update #61 (9/28/09)

  • Case Management
  • Community Support Update
  • Clarification to Recipient Mailing

Implementation Update #60

Special Implementation Update #60: Legislative Changes (9/14/09)

  • Community Support and other MH/DD/SA Services
  • LME Role in CS Service Transition
  • Community Support Team
  • Residential Level III & Level IV Services
  • Case Management Workgroup
  • Medicaid Card Changes
  • Electronic Claims Submission
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Medicaid Provider Payment Suspension Appeals
  • State Funds Supplementing CAP-MR/DD Services


Implementation Update #59

Implementation Update #59 (8/4/09)

  • CAP MR/DD Update
  • Proposed Service Definition Revisions
  • Role of the Licensed Professional in a CS Agency
  • Establishment of DMH/DD/SAS Stakeholder Case Management Workgroup
  • Community Support Steering Committee
  • Residential Level III and IV
  • Communication

Implementation Update #58

Implementation Update #58 (7/9/09)

  • Extension for Provisionally Licensed Services
  • Extension of Sunset Clause for Nurse Practitioners
  • Prior Authorization for CPT Codes 99408/99409
  • Updated Outpatient Prior Authorization Form
  • Facility Based Crisis & Mobile Crisis MMIS Edits
  • DMA Budget Initiative Web Page
  • CAP MR/DD Update: Nutritional Supplements
  • Standardization of Local Provider Monitoring Tool
  • Record Retention and Disposition Guidelines
  • Implementation of UM by LMEs

Implementation Update #57

Implementation Update #56

Implementation Update #56 (5/6/09)

  • Revised Effective Date for ACTT Service
  • Prospective Request = Initial Request
  • Update to "Incident To" by Provisionally Licensed
  • New Email and Mail Address for NEA Letters
  • CSC Assumes DMA Provider Enrollment
  • CAP-MR/DD Update: Psychological Evaluations
  • Revision to Guidance on CS QP% Calculation
  • Clarification of Licensed Professional Language
  • EPSDT Request

Implementation Update #55

Implementation Update #55 (4/3/09)

  • CSC Assumes DMA Provider Enrollment
  • Reimbursement of Behavioral Health Services
  • Time Limit Overrides
  • Completing POC and CNR Requests
  • Authorizations for Recipient Transfer
  • Utilization Review Update
  • Revised Guidance for Endorsement Appeals
  • Changes to DHHS Incident Reporting
  • PCP Signature Page Check Boxes
  • Clinical Coverage Policy 8A Q&A

Implementation Update #54

Implementation Update #54 (3/2/09)

  • DHHS Awards Replacement MMIS Contract
  • Routing of NEA's for Endorsement Withdrawal
  • CIS Providers 3 Year Re-Endorsement
  • CSS Tiered Rates
  • Posting CS SPA, Clinical Policy 8A & CSS
  • Calculating CS QP Standard
  • Professional Tx Services in Facility Based Crisis
  • Targeted Case Management Rates
  • CAP MR/DD Update
  • Crisis Services Update
  • Revised Record Mgt. and Doc. Manual
  • Revised PCP and PCP Instruction Manual
  • Revised ITR Form
  • Residential Tx Requests via ProviderConnect
  • Mental Health Provider – Claims Data
  • DMA PI Staffing Announcements


Implementation Update #53

Implementation Update #53 (2/3/09)
Revised POC Policy; Accreditation Clarification; Retro-Eligibility for In-Patient Services; CAP-MR/DD Update; Service Requests Available via ProviderConnect; LME UM Project

Implementation Update #52

Implementation Update #52 (1/14/09)
Community Support Memo (1/16/09)

Community Support Services Tiered Rates; Day Treatment  Rate Change; Provider # Changes to Completed Authorizations; Procedures for Change of Ownership; Reporting Withdrawal, Revocation or Suspension; Alternative Definitions & Performance Measures; Clinical Policy 8A Update; NC-TOPPS at a Glance Dashboard; Accreditation Update; Complete CAP-MR/DD Requests; CAP-MR/DD Update

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