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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

Using the Topical Index and Abstracts of Communications Bulletins


The Communication Bulletin (CB) series was initiated in September 2002 by the Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services as a formal method for communication of State Plan matters of system-wide relevance. This form of communication is vital to Division staff as well as to LMEs and provider agencies.

The Index

  • A topical index with abstracts has been developed for the Communication Bulletins.
    This document was done in Excel to assist users in quickly accessing information about a particular topic or subject.
  • The index is arranged chronologically in descending order with the most recent communications appearing first.
  • To help locate the specific Communication Bulletin(s) in which a certain topic of interest can be found, the document can be sorted by CB#, date, title or subject. When any of these headings is filtered, all the communications within that category will appear.
  • The subject selections are broad topical categories. The titles conform to the title of
    the article in the CB in most cases or a more specific title is used if it would better convey the focus of a specific communication.
  • A brief description of the information conveyed within a CB about a given topic is included. This abstract captures the essence of a particular communication. When applicable, hyperlinks are included to take the user to other documents pertaining to that subject.
  • A wide variety of topics can be researched by using this index including Community Systems Progress Report/Critical Measures, NC-TOPPS, complaints, the State Plan, CFAC, etc.
  • A word search can be done when a certain topic is not listed in either the subject or title selections.
  • This abstract is designed to be an efficient tool for researching a topic. The intent is to guide the user to the actual source document for more detail.
  • The most recent clarifications or directives supersede or add additional information to all previous ones addressing the same issue. In cases where a subsequent communication provides clarification on a previous policy, the policy that is being clarified is referenced in the summary.

By downloading and saving the index, users are able to tailor a query to their specific needs. This index will be updated as new Communication Bulletins are published. Ready NC Connect NC