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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

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Training Plans

Session 2 (2 days)

Training Plans Session 1

Session 2 (2 days)

IPRS Overview (Day 1) - This session provides an overview of the IPRS for program administrators and future IPRS users. IPRS functionality and processing, such as A Day in the Life of a Claim will be addressed. This session is recommended for all attendees!

Suggested Audience - Area program IPRS coordinators, financial managers, client accounting staff and medical records administrators are the primary target audiences.

Reports for LME (Day 2) - This session provides an overview of the IPRS reports available to LME staff utilizing Report2Web. This session includes all other reports not previously covered by area specific training sessions.

Suggested Audience - Area program administrative staff who will be involved in financial balancing and reconciliation and information gathering for utilization and statistics.

Attending Provider (Day 2) - This session provides an overview concerning enrollment and monitoring of IPRS attending providers using IPRS browser screens and reports.

Suggested Audience - Area program staff responsible for the enrollment of contract agencies (Attending providers). It is recommended that attendance as well as access to this functionality be restricted to 1-2 users in each area program in order to maintain data integrity.

Prior Approval (Day 2) - This session provides an overview of the IPRS Prior Approval types and dispositions, Prior Approval browser screen instructions, and Report2Web use for administering prior approvals. (Note - the focus of this session is the use of the IPRS on-line system, NOT clinical decision-making or utilization management policy. Disability sections will provide assistance to area programs in developing clinical procedures and documentation in separate sessions at a later date.)

Suggested Audience – Area program staff who will be entering and monitoring Prior Approvals using the IPRS on-line system, and monitoring Prior Approvals using Report2Web. (Note - this session is NOT targeted to case managers or clinical program managers!) Ready NC Connect NC