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Child and Family Mental Health Services

NC System of Care Toolbox

Implementing System of Care involves many components from how to partner with families to providing culturally competent services to building a community collaborative among others. The Tool Box is designed to help with that implementation.

There are six sections within the Tool Box covering some of the major building blocks in designing and sustaining a System of Care. Each section in the Tool Box includes a series of questions that relate to the development of that particular aspect of System of Care.

You will find a Table of Contents at the beginning of each section that will list the questions covered in the section as well as instructions on how to use that particular section. The sections are designed to be used flexibly so that you can either start from the beginning if an area is new for you and your community or you can skip to questions further down the list that may better apply to you and your community.

To further support your learning and work, each section also contains “tools”…helpful links to websites, resources, and articles related to that particular topic. . . . . More

Section II. Forming and Sustaining Collaboratives

Section III. Partnering With Families and Youth

Section IV. Cultural Competency

Section V. Building Capacity Through Training and Technical Assistance

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