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Transitions to Community Living

Functions and Tools

In-Reach Function Information

In-Reach is an engagement, education and support effort designed to accurately and fully inform adults who have a serious mental illness (SMI) or a serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) about community-based mental health services and supported housing options including but not limited to the availability of tenancy support services and rental assistance. (see more)

In-Reach Tools

Thinking it Through Worksheet regarding In-Reach

In-Reach Tool

Attachment A - In-Reach Guidance Checklist

Attachment B - Choosing Where You Live (Adult Care Homes)

Attachment C - Choosing Where You Live (State Psychiatric Hospital)

Attachment D - Letter to Adult Care Home from the LME/MCO

Attachment E - Letter to Individual from the LME/MCO

Attachment F - Letter to Guardian from the LME/MCO

In-Reach Webinar

Forms Webinar


Transitions Coordination Information

Transitions coordination is the practice of supporting individuals who are transitioning from facility-based services to community-based living options.  The roles and responsibilities of this Transitions Coordination function are outlined here.

Transitions to Community Living: Transitions Coordination Tools



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