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Provider Monitoring

Provider Survey, Presentations and Evaluations

Routine Provider Monitoring Survey

The Routine Provider Monitoring Survey is intended to be completed after providers receive their Routine monitoring and/or Post-Payment Review (if done as a part of Routine Monitoring)report from the LME-MCO. This survey is only to be used for routine monitoring and/or Post-Payment Reviews (if done as a part of Routine Monitoring) and should not be used for Targeted or Complaint monitoring. This is a confidential survey that will be used by the DHHS-LME/MCO-Provider Collaboration Workgroup to determine the extent to which the goals of the newly implemented process are being achieved and to help identify where more technical assistance and training might be indicated.

The provider survey can be accessed from the following link:

The survey focuses on the following areas:


  • The timeframe sent to the provider followed the guidelines for the review.
  • The notification sent the provider clearly identified the required information needed to be available for the review.


  • The reviewers:
    • Introduced themselves in a professional manner.
    • Provided a business card or other form of identification.
    • Explained the purpose for the visit.
    • Were knowledgeable of the services that were reviewed.
    • Followed the guidelines for scoring the items reviewed.
    • Were allowed the opportunity to provide the requested information.
    • Explained the next step in the process following the conclusion of the review, including when the provider could expect to receive a written report of findings from the review.
  • If non-compliant findings were shared during the monitoring visit, an explanation was provided in specific terms to help the provider understand why the requirements were not met.
  • The provider was able to have an open discussion with the reviewers.


  • Were any non-compliances found during this review?
  • In what areas did the non-compliances occur?
  • If non-compliances were found during the post-payment review, in what areas did the non-compliances occur?
  • Did this review result in:
    • Technical assistance being offered?
    • A plan of correction?
    • A payback?
  • Does the provider plan to appeal any of the non-compliant findings?

Workshops, Trainings and Conference Presentations


For additional training materials, please go to the Webinars page.

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