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Provider Monitoring


The Provider Monitoring Webinar Project is a follow-up to workshops that were presented in February 2014 to introduce the new process and tools for routine provider monitoring that went live on March 1. 

The webinars address important aspects of the process in greater detail than was possible during the statewide workshops. They will be used by LME-MCOs to train their review teams on how to use the tools. Provider agencies will also use the tools as part of their internal quality assurance process. The webinars can be used as a self-audit to ensure ongoing compliance with the regulatory requirements that are the focus of the routine review.

The webinars are broken into modules. Each module discusses a key component of the process. Presenting the webinars in modules allows the LME-MCOs and providers to select the topic they want to review at a specific point, whether for in-service training or as a personal refresher. A script is provided for each webinar.

Please submit an email request including the name of the webinar to for the following videos.

Introduction to the New Routine Provider Monitoring Process

Introduction Script

Routine Review Tools – Agencies

Routine Review Tools Script

Post-Payment Review Tools – Agencies

Post-Payment Review Tools Agencies Script

Post-Payment Review Tool – Licensed Independent Practitioners

Post-Payment Review Tools LIP Script

Using the Automated Workbook for the Provider Monitoring Tools

Automated Workbook Script

Tips for Providers

Tips Script

DHSR and LME-MCO Coordination

DHSR and LME-MCO Script

Customer Service

Customer Service Script

Transparency in the Provider Monitoring Process

Transparency Script


For additional training materials, please go to the Provider Survey, Presentations and Evaluations page.

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