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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

On Friday, April 17th, at 12pm through Monday, April 20th, at 8am, DMHDDSAS phones will be temporarily out of services. If you need assistance, please call 919-981-2580 and we will ensure that your message is emailed to the appropriate staff person.


Statistics and Publications


Archived Policy

Accountability Policy

  • ACC-001 - Provider Endorsement Appeal Policy
  • ACC-002 - Policy and Procedure for Review, Approval and Follow-Up of Plan(s) of Correction (POC) 12/08

APS Policy

    • APSM 10-3 Record Retention Schedule for State and Area Facilities (5/05)
    • APSM 10-4 Record Retention Schedule for DMH/DD/SAS Central and Regional Offices (10/86)
    • APSR 110-12 - Policy on Placement of Long Stay Patients

Budget and Finance Policy

  • BF-103 - Local Management Entity Service Cost Redistribution Methodology

CF Policy

  • CF-101 - Out of State Youth Residential Placement

Communications and Training Policy

  • CT-102 - Training in Prevention & Use of Physical Intervention
  • CT-107 - NC Interventions¬©

Division Affairs Policy

  • DA-103 - DMH/DD/SAS Panel Appeal Procedures

Director's Office Policy

  • DO-112 - Consumer and Family Member Volunteer Appointment to DMH/DD/SAS Workgroups and Committees | Form

LME Systems Performance Policy



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