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April 2006

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New addresses for our websites

About the Website Redesign

DHHS has a new address. Try it: type into your browser and go to the department’s home page. Over time, will be phased out.

The new URL is part of the website redesign project that will allow the entire department to have short, easy-to-remember website addresses. Best of all, the website has the .GOV designation, eliminating the confusion of a .com or .org extension.

Programs will be able to have home pages with short URLs that are easy to remember and short enough to publish on a brochure. The general construction of the program URL should be: The program name should be framed in a positive fashion, not a negative one. For instance, is preferable to

URLs can use “camel case” to differentiate words, for example,, not Camel case makes the address more readable without adding any information . Since URLs are not case sensitive, the user does not have to remember or type in the capitals.

The new URLs are aliases; that is, the existing website directory structure does not change, and the existing home page will still work. Alias URLs for DHHS programs must be specific, descriptive and not overly broad. For instance, ‘’ should not be assigned to one program if other programs in the department also offer job assistance.

It is possible for programs to obtain these URLs before the website redesign is complete. Complete URL guidance is published at or contact Lois Nilsen at 715-4394.


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