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Official Press Release

Contact:  Doug Baker,

Date: May 30, 2008

New Detox Unit set to open in August at Julian F. Keith ADATC:

Center plans hiring new staff

BLACK MOUNTAIN — Julian F. Keith Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center will open its new 30-bed Detox Unit in August, according to JFK ADATC Director Doug Baker.

The facility, which will be a housed in a new 15,448 square foot, one-story, three-wing structure, will be a self-contained unit housing admissions, nursing, nutritional and patient common areas.  Two wings will be used for patient rooms and treatment, and the remaining wing is for administrative and support use.  Plans are under way to identify and hire new staff for the unit.

“The new Detox Unit will be able to provide care for 30 patients receiving acute detox and crisis stabilization care,” Baker said.  “After an initial period of care of approximately four to six days, patients will be offered the opportunity to transition into the existing rehabilitation program to continue their treatment.  We anticipated that over half the patients served in the new unit will continue on in the rehabilitation program.”

Baker believes this change will enable individuals with substance abuse problems to be served much earlier in their addiction and lower the rate of recidividism among those served.  To meet the staffing needs, 67 new positions will be added at JFK.  The positions include registered nurses and health care technicians, substance abuse counselors, therapeutic activity workers, a substance abuse educator, clinical social workers, maintenance mechanics, housekeeping staff, as well as administrative support positions.

Positions are posted on both the North Carolina State Jobs Website – - and the JFK Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center website – – and click on the “Careers” tab.  Positions will be posted until filled.

In addition, JFK plans to hold two job fairs in June in the Activities Building on the ADATC campus, located at 201 Tabernacle Road, Black Mountain. The fairs will be held on Thursday, June 5, from 1-8 p.m. and on Saturday, June 14, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

For more information of employment opportunities or the upcoming job fair, contact the Human Resources office at JFK ADATC at 828-669-3422.






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