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NC Department of Health and Human Services

Update on Fraud Alert for citizens affected by stolen laptop

Release Date: November 24, 2008
Contact: Lori Walston, 919-733-9190

RALEIGH—Officials with the state Division of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) today offered an update on the fraud alert arranged with TransUnion on behalf of clients of home and community services administered by the Division.  DAAS announced that TransUnion will be contacting those clients directly by letter to confirm the alert.

“Those clients for whom we placed the fraud alert will be receiving a letter to confirm the alert from TransUnion,” said Dennis Streets, DAAS Director. “This letter will also provide information they can use to continue the alert at no cost, beyond the initial 90 days.”

The fraud alert with TransUnion will also apply to the other two national credit reporting agencies—Equifax and Experian.  

Streets continued, “We sincerely appreciate TransUnion working with us to assist these clients.”

The fraud alert will last 90 days and is intended to notify creditors that action may be required under the Fair Credit Reporting Act before opening or modifying an account.  By receiving written verification of the fraud alert from TransUnion, those affected can also request a free credit report.  In addition, the initial 90-day coverage can be renewed by the client at no charge.

DAAS first announced its efforts to arrange a blanket fraud alert with TransUnion on Nov. 14, in response to a security breach the Division experienced in late October.  DAAS had already directly contacted all individuals whose personal information may have been compromised after the theft of an employee's computer.

Those with questions may contact the DHHS CARE-LINE, Information and Referral Service at 1-800-662-7030 (English/Espanol) or TTY for the hearing impaired at 1-877-452-2514.  The CARE-LINE is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including state holidays.  In the Triangle area, call 919-855-4400 or 919-733-4851 (TTY for the hearing impaired).  If you receive a letter from TransUnion, you may contact them directly at 1-800-680-7289. 






Updated: November 24, 2008