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State's top paramedics compete

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Monday, September 30, 2013

State's top paramedics compete (VIDEO)
Chad Mira
News 14
September 29, 2013

Greensboro, N.C. -The state's best paramedics showed off their skills Sunday at the annual North Carolina Paramedic Competition.

"It's a great opportunity to compare skills but also we can use it for recruitment and retention. The workforce for the EMS field over the next seven years is going to expand by 33 percent," Chief of the North Carolina office of Emergency Medical Services Regina Godette-Crawford said.

Organizers set up a staged emergency at the Koury Convention Center.

"It's fairly complex scenarios that require quite a bit of medical expertise as well as specialized skill sets so these skill sets let other people learn about different scenarios and different knowledge bases," Medical Director of North Carolina Emergency Medical Services Tripp Winslow said.

This year, it's an explosion at an illegal moon shine operation.


The competition included teams from Davidson, Rowan, Surry, Pender, Cumberland and Brunswick counties. This year's winner will be announced at a banquet on Tuesday.

Rowan EMS team shows skills at NC Paramedic Competition
Hugh Fisher
Salisbury Post
September 29, 2013

Greensboro, N.C. - A call goes out over the radio for emergency medical services to respond to the scene of a fire.

First responders have doused the flames, but paramedics arrive to find one man badly burnt and a boy with a compound fracture of his arm - broken, they're told, as he tried to run for help.

They go to work at once, talking to their patients, calling out for a helicopter to bring the burned man to a hospital, asking about vital signs.


Then, a judge steps from the side of the scene and calls out, "Time!"


This was the scenario at Sunday's 23rd annual N.C. Paramedic Competition, held at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro.

Rowan County EMS beat eight other teams in the region, and 40 statewide, to become one of five agencies in the state selected as a finalist.


This year's competition presented a simulated incident that N.C. Office of Emergency Medical Services Chief Regina Godette-Crawford said could actually happen: a propane fire at an illicit moonshine still.


Godette-Crawford told the Post that Rowan County residents "should feel very impressed that their team made it here."

James "Tripp" Winslow, medical director for the N.C. EMS Office, said the purpose of the events is "to showcase paramedics in action and the high-level skills that are necessary to take care of people in a pre-hospital setting."

The competition presents "true to life issues" - plausible, if unlikely, accident scenes and injuries, meant to test paramedics' responses and have them think on their feet.

Past scenarios have included a plane crash, an accident at a stock car race and a construction scaffolding collapse.

The competition is open to any agency in the state that provides paramedic services, Godette-Crawford said.

In addition to Rowan's two-person team, competitors included paramedics from Davidson County EMS and two teams each from Pender, Curry and Cumberland counties' emergency medical services.

Each two-person team had 13 minutes to respond to the same simulation and were judged on their choices, their communication and their individual handling of events.


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