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New Standards and Style Guide

Subject: Great News on DHHS Web

From: Debbie Crane, Director of Public Affairs

Date: 10/31/07


I'm pleased to provide you with new Web Standards for the department, along with our new Website Style Guide The new departmental policy for our websites can be found at

  • The Policy sets the groundwork for a comprehensive departmental website, as well as creates minimum technical and review standards for all current sites.
  • The Web Standards will provide basic technical and governance guidance for the entire department, helping us to have a more unified web presence. They were created by Public Affairs and approved by DIRM.
  • The Style Guide offers guidance on linking, file format, and content.

Please have your webmaster and content managers evaluate your site(s) according to the Web Standards and Chapter 1 of the style guide. If you find that any sites do not comply, please move toward compliance in the next several months. Certainly within a year, all websites in the department should comply. (Don't be alarmed; the standards are very basic.)

The Web Standards and Chapter 1 of the Style Guide specify that all new website materials should be reviewed by Public Affairs. This is not a new requirement but we are formalizing what should be occurring already.

The content manager that you appointed should also be in the loop for all updates, and this is specified in the review procedure. The content manager position is new for the department. It will take us a while to work out the kinks. Let me know if you have concerns.

These documents are also being sent separately to your assigned content managers and to all webmasters. Please forward this to anyone who writes content for your website, so they are aware of the review requirements.

Many thanks, and feel free to contact me at 733-9190 or Lois Nilsen at 715-4394 with questions or concerns.






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