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Regarding Ongoing Website Development

Subject: Website Redesign

From: Linda Povlich

Date: 8/15/06, 5:07 p.m.


Public Affairs is starting on a public awareness campaign to publicize
the new home page web address for the department, We
will start using it on all printed publications, as well as in our own
websites. I'm writing to ask for your support as we begin this process.

One challenge will be to update the website address, everywhere it is
used, both on the web and in printed documents. All publications
published from now on must use

Division website addresses should follow the convention in the attached

Another challenge will be instituting this change on current division
websites. Lois Nilsen, who is heading up the Website Redesign Project,
will reconvene the webmaster group to discuss technical issues and
methods for accomplishing this task, as well as other tasks to prepare
for the redesign project. Please let your webmasters know that you place
a high priority on this project, and allow them the time and resources
they need for completing the technical tasks required to accomplish
these goals.

The website redesign project is an exciting and challenging opportunity
for the department. I appreciate all the support you are already giving
in lending your staff to the various content teams. In the end, I
believe the department, our partners and those we serve will all benefit.






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