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Regarding Ongoing Website Development

Subject: Website Redesign

From: Linda Povlich

Date: 9/15/05, 3:31 p.m.


I am pleased to announce that I am the senior staff member assigned to the DHHS Website Redesign project. This is the project to integrate departmental web sites into a single, easily navigated, well-written, highly searchable, and useful site. The new DHHS website will encompass information about all services provided by DHHS and our partner agencies. The site design will allow for some flexibility and personalization on a program level. I will work closely with Lois Nilsen in Public Affairs and with DIRM to ensure that this project runs smoothly and serves the needs of all divisions in the department.

The DHHS site will obviously take some time to create and implement. I recognize that ongoing website generation is needed. In the interim, when the redesign is being planned but not yet unveiled, the best use of the department's limited resources is to limit the creation of new websites. Rather, if you have a website in the works, it should be integrated into your existing division or section website.

If you want to create a uniquely designed, branded site, please do not expend any further resources until the project is approved. Approval decisions will be made by myself, the director of public affairs, and the applicable division director. The kinds of sites that deserve a separate design will be high profile, branded, public service websites, where an unconventional design is needed or desired.

If you have not already done so, please forward information about any web development of this type that is underway or planned to Lois Nilsen. We will be in touch with you soon about the project.

(Please note, DHHS is increasingly using the web for project management in ongoing work products. Sites that are produced solely to help a subset of employees perform a task or carry out a project, which has no public component, will not be made a part of the new DHHS site redesign, but also will not be linked from the public site. Sites created for employee training are an example. These sites do not require the approval described in this memo.)





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