Daisy Rivenbark Discusses Diversity and Inclusion

Hello, I am Daisy Ravenbark and I work as the Deaf Services Specialist with the Division of Deaf and Hard of Hearing here in Wilmington and I identify myself as a Deaf individual meaning that I see myself as capital “D” deaf person meaning I am part of the Deaf community, so the way I think the way I live my life is very much a part of the Deaf community and the Deaf culture.

I am going to talk a little bit about Diversity and Inclusion and you know those terms are very important to me and they are terms that I actually really value.

They mean a variety of things, they could mean the color of your skin, it could mean the type of education you have, all types of differences.

It could also mean the way that you have had life experiences impact the way you are now.

And when I see those things I think it is important that you respect the people you work with because of those differences.

It’s really important that if you want to have success in the work you do that you would be able to really be inclusive of your coworkers and their differences.

Working together as a team, coming up with a variety of ideas that everyone is able to bring to the table, especially in my office where you have people who are hearing, who are deaf, who are even deaf blind, we have males and females it is important that we all are able to recognize our differences and at the same time it helps everyone in the group feel inclusive.

That is what we try to do to succeed with the work we do in our division.  That is so important for me and that is why I say DHHS is a great place to work.