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Advance the Health, Safety and Well-Being of North Carolinians

Hi, my name is Larry Michael and I am the Environmental Health Director within the Division of Public Health.

Did you know that 50% of your annual performance evaluation is measured on the goals set through the NCVIP process?

One of the 5 goals for DHHS in the upcoming fiscal year is to Advance the Health, Safety and Well-Being of North Carolinians. Characteristics that define this goal include:

  1. Promote the safety, well-being, resilience and healthy development of children and youth
  2. Promote economic and social well-being for individuals, families and communities
  3. Improve the accessibility and quality of supportive services for people with disabilities and older adults
  4. Promote prevention and well-being across the life span
  5. Reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases
  6. Protect North Carolinians’ health and safety during emergencies and foster resilience to withstand and respond to emergencies

An example of this goal is the Division of Public Health’s current efforts to prevent the Zika virus transmission in North Carolina. We are working with local health departments, three military bases and our university partners to conduct mosquito surveys across the State to determine the distribution and abundance of the different types of mosquitoes in North Carolina. This information will help us focus mosquito control efforts in the areas needing it most. In addition, the Division of Public Health is distributing travel advisory recommendations and guidance related to preventing mosquito bites and controlling mosquitoes. These activities help protect citizens and visitors of North Carolina from mosquito-borne illnesses such as the Zika virus.

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video today. 

Please discuss with your manager the goals established for your division or department to ensure your individual goals are in alignment with one or more of the DHHS goals for the upcoming fiscal year.