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Advance Knowledge and Innovation

Hi, my name is Jessica Keith and I am the Special Advisor for the Americans with Disability Act within the Office of the Secretary.

Did you know that 50% of your annual performance evaluation is measured on the goals set forth through the NCVIP process?

One of the 5 goals in DHHS this upcoming fiscal year is to Advance Knowledge and Innovation. Characteristics that define this goal include:

  1. Enhance our technological and data capabilities for current and future needs
  2. Foster and apply innovative solutions to health, public health, and human services challenges
  3. Increase our understanding of what works in public health and human services practice
  4. Improve laboratory, surveillance, and epidemiology capacity
  5. Improve our integrated data system practices

An example of this goal within DHHS is the new and innovative partnership with North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, DHHS, and the LME/MCO’s. This enhanced partnership has resulted in new tools for landlords and individuals in supportive housing. It is expected to increase the number of individuals in supportive housing by 20%.   

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video today. 

Please discuss with your manager the goals established for your division or department to ensure your individual goals are in alignment with one or more of the DHHS goals for the upcoming fiscal year.