At-Risk Case Management (Services to Prevent Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation)

At-Risk Case Management Services provide necessary medical, social or educational services to adults and children who are at-risk or show evidence of abuse, neglect or exploitation. To receive services, you must be a Medicaid recipient.
Services include:

  • Developing a service plan to meet the service needs of clients
  • Assisting clients in locating and contacting providers and programs for needed services
  • Monitoring services to make sure that they are consistent with quality care


  • Impaired adults with insufficient caregiver availability
  • Children of impaired or adolescent parents
  • Children who have a severe medical or mental condition
  • Adults or children who are being abused, neglected, or exploited where a need for protection has been substantiated


Contact your local Department of Social Services for additional information about this service.