DAAS Programmatic Monitoring Tools

The Division of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) provides the following monitoring instruments to be utilized by AAAs when monitoring service delivery for home and community-based services for older adults.  For questions, please contact your DAAS subject matter staff person.  

Adult Day Care/ Adult Day Health


FY21 ADC ADH FiscalVerification CARES Non Unit

Care Management

FY23-24 CareMgnt HCCBG ARPA monitoring tool

FY23-24 CareMgnt HCCBG ARPA clientrecordreview


FY23-24 ARPA Chore and Enhanced Chore monitoring tool

Family Caregiver Support

FY23-24 FCSP Monitoring Tool OAA ARPA

FY23-24 FCSP Monitoring Tool 2024 Attachment A

FY23-24 FCSP Monitoring Tool 2024 Attachment B

FY23-24 FCSP Monitoring Tool 2024 Attachment C

Health Promotion

FY23 Health Promotion-HCCBG IIIB monitoring tool.docx

FY23 Health Promotion Title IIID monitoring tool.docx

FY23-24 ARPA_LTSS_Health and Wellness Social Isolation monitoring tool

Home Care Independence

FY21_HCI_HCCBG_CARES_ MonitoringAdmin.docx

FY21_HCI_HCCBG_CARES_ MonitoringPart.docx

Home Health

HomeHealthServices i

Housing and Home Improvement

FY21_HHI-HCCBG-CARES_monitoring tool 3-8-21.docx

Information and Options Counseling

FY23 IandOC HCCBG ARPA monitoring tool

In Home Aide

FY21 IHA HCCBG CARES Client Review

FY21 IHA HCCBG CARES ProgramAdmin AttachA C


IHA contract example

IHA county general contract

IHA contract attachment B


Legal Services Monitoring Tool

LTSS Outreach

FY23-24 APRA_LTSS_Outreach monitoring tool

Mental Health Counseling

FY23-24 Mental Health Monitoring Tool 

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Monitoring Tool.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-Congregate.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-Congregate NSIP Only.docx

Nutrition Attachment C- Congregate Liquid Nutritional Supplement.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-Congregate Therapeutic Diet Meals.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-HDM.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-HDM NSIP Only.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-HDM Liquid Nutrition Supplement.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-HDM Therapeutic Diet Meals.docx



InstitutionalRespite i


Senior Center 

AAA LTO Monitoring Tooljgbridges




FY24 AAA Senior Center Operations HCCBG ARPA Monitoring Tool

Senior Companion

SeniorCompanion i

Shopping and Errand

FY23-24 ARPA_Shopping and Errand monitoring tool



FY24_ARPA_HCCBG Transportation monitoring tool

Volunteer Development

FY21_VolunteerProgramDevelopment-HCCBG-CARES_monitoringtool updated 3-4-21.docx


FY21 consumer contributions monitoring tool

FY 24 ARPA Non Unit IIIB COVID Codes 950 and 960 Monitoring Tool 

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