DAAS Programmatic Monitoring Tools

The Division of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) provides the following monitoring tools for Area Agencies on Aging to use when monitoring service delivery for home and community-based services for older adults.  For questions, please contact your DAAS subject matter staff person.  

Adult Day Care/ Adult Day Health


FY21 ADC ADH FiscalVerification CARES Non Unit

Care Management

FY23-24 CareMgnt HCCBG ARPA monitoring tool

FY23-24 CareMgnt HCCBG ARPA clientrecordreview


FY23-24 ARPA Chore and Enhanced Chore monitoring tool

Family Caregiver Support

FY23-24 FCSP Monitoring Tool OAA ARPA

FY23-24 FCSP Monitoring Tool 2024 Attachment A

FY23-24 FCSP Monitoring Tool 2024 Attachment B

FY23-24 FCSP Monitoring Tool 2024 Attachment C

Health Promotion

FY23 Health Promotion-HCCBG IIIB monitoring tool.docx

FY23 Health Promotion Title IIID monitoring tool.docx

FY23-24 ARPA_LTSS_Health and Wellness Social Isolation monitoring tool

Home Care Independence

FY21_HCI_HCCBG_CARES_ MonitoringAdmin.docx

FY21_HCI_HCCBG_CARES_ MonitoringPart.docx

Home Health

HomeHealthServices i

Housing and Home Improvement

FY21_HHI-HCCBG-CARES_monitoring tool 3-8-21.docx

Information and Options Counseling

FY23 IandOC HCCBG ARPA monitoring tool

In Home Aide

FY21 IHA HCCBG CARES Client Review

FY21 IHA HCCBG CARES ProgramAdmin AttachA C


IHA contract example

IHA county general contract

IHA contract attachment B


Legal Services Monitoring Tool

LTSS Outreach

FY23-24 APRA_LTSS_Outreach monitoring tool

Mental Health Counseling

FY23-24 Mental Health Monitoring Tool 

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Monitoring Tool.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-Congregate.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-Congregate NSIP Only.docx

Nutrition Attachment C- Congregate Liquid Nutritional Supplement.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-Congregate Therapeutic Diet Meals.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-HDM.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-HDM NSIP Only.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-HDM Liquid Nutrition Supplement.docx

Nutrition Attachment C-HDM Therapeutic Diet Meals.docx



InstitutionalRespite i


Senior Center 

AAA LTO Monitoring Tooljgbridges




FY24 AAA Senior Center Operations HCCBG ARPA Monitoring Tool

Senior Companion

SeniorCompanion i

Shopping and Errand

FY23-24 ARPA_Shopping and Errand monitoring tool



FY24_ARPA_HCCBG Transportation monitoring tool

Volunteer Development

FY21_VolunteerProgramDevelopment-HCCBG-CARES_monitoringtool updated 3-4-21.docx


FY21 consumer contributions monitoring tool

FY 24 ARPA Non Unit IIIB COVID Codes 950 and 960 Monitoring Tool 

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