Early Intervention

Note: The following information includes details about programs in the Early Intervention Section in the Division of Child and Family Well-Being. The links will direct you to current program websites. This content will eventually transition under the Division of Child and Family Well-Being website structure.

The North Carolina Early Intervention Section is the lead agency for the NC Infant-Toddler Program (ITP). The ITP provides supports and services for families and their children, from birth to age three, who have special needs. Research shows that this time-period is critical. It offers a window of opportunity to make a positive difference in how a child develops and learns. Sixteen Children's Developmental Services Agencies (CDSAs) across North Carolina work with local service providers to help families help their children succeed.

Children from birth to age three, with certain levels of developmental delay or established conditions, and their families, are eligible for the ITP. No family is denied services because of the inability to pay.