COVID-19: Long-Term Care Facilities

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, NCDHHS recommends that all facilities that serve as residential establishments for high risk persons restrict visitors.  

Exceptions should include end of life care or other situations determined by the facility to necessitate a visit. If visitation is allowed, the visitor should be screened and restricted if they have a respiratory illness or potential exposure to COVID-19.

Facilities are encouraged to implement social distancing measures and perform temperature and respiratory symptom screening of residents and staff. These establishments include settings such as nursing homes, independent and assisted living facilities, correction facilities, and facilities that care for medically vulnerable children. 

In addition, long-term care facilities should:

  • Practice good hand hygiene tips and other common-sense precautions
  • Review policies and procedures for infection prevention and mitigation, and make sure all employees follow these steps.
  • Assure strict adherence to infection prevention practices.
  • Prevent the introduction of respiratory illnesses into their facilities.
  • Continue to work closely with your local health department, NCDHHS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and follow their guidance.