Home Care Independence

Home Care Independence (HCI) is a consumer directed program of in home care that allows an older adult to hire family, friends or others as a caregiver or personal assistant. The personal assistant will provide home management and personal care assistance requested by the older adult. Older adults in HCI will have a care advisor from the local agency that makes the HCI program available. The care advisor will help them consider options and can offer advice about how to function as a participant in home care service. A vendor of financial management and payroll services will provide payroll assistance. This helps workers get paid in a timely and accurate manner and that all related payroll taxes and obligations are paid according to schedules of relevant governmental entities.

Home Care Independence available in six counties: Alleghany, Cumberland, Edgecombe, Mecklenburg, Northampton, Person.


For more information regarding HCI, contact Mary Jo Littlewood or Lorrie Roth.

More Information

Home Care Independence Operations Manual
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