Michael Viar Discusses Safety and Health

Hello, my name is Michael Viar and I have had the privilege of serving in this Department, the Department of Health and Human Services for 16 plus years as an Employee Safety Officer for 16 plus years.

I am responsible along with my team and management of the implementation of the safety initiatives that meet the department’s safety goals and meets the department’s safety regulations and procedures.

Safety and health in the workplace is a passion and commitment that I live and embrace day to day, not only professionally but also personally.

I was fortunate to have a mentor a long time ago that taught me this, “Think Safety-Act Safely”.

I have always embraced those words.

Safety cannot be achieved in isolation and here at the Division of Child Development and Early Education, we have a “team” approach.

My team is fully committed to the wellness and the health and the safety of all the employees in this building.

The system that we have in place ensures a constant development, implementation, and evaluation of our emergency preparedness and response.

We work very closely with our maintenance team here on this campus, we identify quickly any hazardous work conditions or any hazardous situations and we move quickly to correct those in order to mitigate any risks whether they be immediate or in the future to reduce workplace injuries and/or illnesses. 

We conduct numerous drills throughout the year, we practice on a regular basis.  Sometime these drills are scheduled and sometimes they are predicated on a weather event or building alarms.

I know that the team that I am working with embraces and is passionate about keeping employees safe in the workplace and that makes DHHS a great place for everybody to work.