DHHS Releases Latest Correspondence To USDA

Raleigh, N.C.

DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos announced today that through the efforts of DHHS staff and our county social services agencies, North Carolina is confident that it has successfully met the federal government's February 10 deadline to process outstanding FNS (food stamp) applications and recertifications more than 90 days and expedited applications older than 7 days.

Despite all efforts to process the remaining cases, including home visits by county staff, there are 25 cases that remain pending with good cause. In nearly all of these cases, the county agency is waiting for additional information or continuing to try to make contact with the applicant.

"DHHS worked tirelessly and took unprecedented steps to get the job done. With the support of county managers and county commissioners, county social services agencies have authorized overtime, hired temporary staff, worked weekends and even made home visits to help meet this ambitious goal," said Secretary Wos in her remarks at today's Legislative Oversight Committee meeting.

To meet the federal government's February 10 deadline, the state was required to make significant progress towards resolution of applications and recertifications pending over 90 days and any expedited applications older than 7 days. DHHS deployed more than 290 staff in regional processing centers and local social services departments to provide over-the-shoulder support and processing assistance to county staff.

The focus now turns to March 31, the deadline for addressing the remaining backlog and achieving compliance with USDA timeframes for processing new applications and recertifications.

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NC FAST (Families Accessing Services through Technology) is a tool that will improve the way social services are administered in North Carolina, enabling county case workers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time assisting families. By the end of the planned 5-year rollout of the system, NC FAST will replace 19 legacy systems used to deliver social service benefits, including FNS (food stamps), Medicaid, Work First and child care services. NC FAST will improve the state's 100 county social service agencies' ability to track cases, share information and coordinate services to provide more efficient and effective customer service.



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