FEMA mobile hospital to return medical care to tornado ravaged city

Louisville, M.S.

Roslyn Anderson
Mississippi News Now
May 6, 2014

Tornado recovery continues in hard hit Winston County where residents will soon find the return of medical care.

One week after an EF4 tornado slammed into the Winston County Medical Center, a temporary hospital is going up about two miles away. The FEMA Mobile Medical facility was transported from North Carolina this weekend to Louisville.


"What my dream was when I developed this for the White House as senior medical advisor to the Department of Homeland Security was to try to keep the medical infrastructure in the community operating so that they could not only take care of the patients in the community, but they could keep their staff employed," said Mobile Disaster Hospital Advisor Dr. Lew Stringer with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

The mobile hospital will have 10 beds, a five bed emergency department, an x-ray unit and full surgical capabilities. It sits on the concrete slab of new concrete in some areas, surrounded by sheared trees. The hollowed out shell of the former facility is a noticeable backdrop for the giant connected containers.

Electricity, water and sewer must be connected to the mobile medical site. The hospital should be fully operational in about two weeks.

"Close to 6,000 healthcare workers haven't returned to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. They had to go somewhere to eat. So if you can keep it going, you not only help the community, you help the whole community including the healthcare providers," added Dr. Stringer.

According to medical officials, the mobile hospital will serve the people of the Louisville area until the Winston County Medical Center is rebuilt.

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