FNS Update

Raleigh, N.C.

North Carolina families are seeing the benefits of improving FNS (food stamp) numbers across the state as DHHS works collaboratively with our county partners to meet the USDA milestones for February 10. The progress made this week puts us closer to our own goal of achieving statewide compliance with federal guidelines for processing FNS applications and recertifications by the end of March.

We are attaching today's numbers to help you localize this story and note the progress being made in your own counties/regions. We would like to highlight a few statistics:

  • DHHS has deployed more than 290 staff in regional processing centers, local DSS departments and in Raleigh to assist in processing FNS applications.
  • Significant progress is being made in the number of applications and recertifications outstanding more than 90 days, per the USDA mandate to eliminate those and to complete any expedited applications older than 7 days by February 10.
  • Prior to and since launching in May 2012, the state has trained more than 5,000 county workers to process FNS applications in the NC FAST system.

As counties work through applications, they are reaching out to individuals and families for additional documentation needed for processing. If any of your viewers/listeners/readers have been contacted by their local DSS about missing information from their FNS application, please encourage them to respond promptly so that their case can continue to be processed.

Click here for FNS Daily Pending Applications - 2/4/14

Click here for FNS Daily Pending Recertifications - 2/4/14

NC FAST (Families Accessing Services through Technology) is a tool that will improve the way social services are administered in North Carolina, enabling county case workers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time assisting families. By the end of the planned 5-year rollout of the system, NC FAST will replace 19 legacy systems used to deliver social service benefits, including FNS (food stamps), Medicaid, Work First and child care services. NC FAST will improve the state's 100 county social service agencies' ability to track cases, share information and coordinate services to provide more efficient and effective customer service.



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