Guilford chipping away at backlog of Medicaid cases

Raleigh, N.C.

There are 31,868 pending Medicaid applications in North Carolina beyond
standard processing time, down from a peak of 104,070.

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(Information provided by NC DHHS, not in the original story below.)

Guilford chipping away at backlog of Medicaid cases
By Kelly Poe
Greensboro News & Record
August 19, 2014

As counties statewide work through large backlogs of overdue Medicaid cases, Guilford County's ranks among the smallest of the metropolitan counties.

Most of Guilford County's backlog came from the Affordable Care Act. People began enrolling for Medicaid through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace in October, but the federal government didn't release those applications to the state until January.

The county continues to see cases trickle in, said Ariane Webb, a program manager for universal intake at the Guilford County Department of Health and Human Services.

Still, the backlog continues to go down. ...

The state has asked counties to clear their backlogs by Aug. 31, although counties won't be punished if they don't meet that deadline, Webb said.

Meeting that deadline will make things much easier in November, the deadline for having all cases entered into NC FAST, the state's new case-management system.

The state will send in workers this week to give Guilford County workers training on the software, which should help speed up workers, Webb said.

Counties again will see a large influx of applications in October when the marketplace opens for the next round of enrollment.