State and Counties Substantially Reduce Food Stamp Backlog

Raleigh, N.C.

Secretary Aldona Wos announced today that, despite last week's revelation of an additional 8,100 cases in Guilford County, DHHS is optimistic that the state and counties have reasonably achieved the USDA's March 31 milestone.

At its peak, the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) backlog was more than 35,000 cases out of over 825,000 cases statewide. Today's report shows only 180 FNS applications and recertifications remain pending. In Guilford County, an additional 195 recertifications have not been entered into the NC FAST system and do not appear in the daily report, bringing the total to 375 cases. The counties are reporting that these cases are pending with good cause.

"DHHS is proud of the results achieved through the collaboration of the state and counties," said Secretary Aldona Wos. "We anticipate the USDA will acknowledge our continued commitment to the state's most vulnerable citizens, and accept the hard work of county and state staff to reduce the backlog and our efforts to achieve sustainable, timely processing of FNS applications and recertifications."

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