Video: New Medicaid director ready for reform

Raleigh, N.C.

New Medicaid director ready for reform

Loretta Boniti
News 14
May 1, 2014

Leaders at the Department of Health and Human services are looking to do a major overhaul to the state's medicaid system, and they will now do that with a new leader at the helm.

"Medicaid has not been through any major transformation," Dr. Robin Cummings, the new NC Medicaid Director. "It has had tweaks here and there. But for the most part, what was put in place has sort of stood the test of time. And that is not what is going to take us into the future."

Cummings says improvements on budgeting have been made under the current administration, but he wants to see a time when there are no cost overruns in this program.

"And there are other companies that run, work with 14 billion dollar budgets," says Cummings. "So the capability, the ability to give a dependable, predictable budget is there. It exists in the business world."

DHHS officials have sent a proposal to the legislative leaders for medicaid changes. It is estimated it could save the state several hundred million dollars, and allow physicians and providers to improve the quality of care.


"As one provider said, it really allows healthcare to come down to that doctor and that patient in the exam room," Cummings. "That the doctor is responsible for that patient's care and they are looking at that patient in terms of quality of how they are going to provide quality care But also how they are going to keep down the cost of that care."

Cummings says he will work over the coming months to communicate with lawmakers to get them on board with the proposed medicaid changes.