Opioid Data

Statistics help show how the opioid epidemic is affecting North Carolina. Multiple branches across DHHS’ Division of Public Health regularly track and monitor opioid overdose data. Monthly and Quarterly Surveillance reports can be found here

Most Recent Opioid Surveillance ED Data
Opioid Surveillance ED Data

Most Recent Opioid-Related Poisoning Surveillance Death Data
NC OCME Overdose Surveillance

Most Recent Harm Reduction Naloxone Distribution Data  
NC Harm Reduction Data Slides

Most Recent Quarterly Data Report
NC DETECT Emergency Dept. Data

For previous data reports, visit injuryfreenc.ncdhhs.gov/DataSurveillance/Poisoning.htm.

The data dashboard developed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services helps track and monitor the 13 data metrics in the North Carolina Opioid Action Plan. The metrics are updated quarterly in the dashboard and the most recent quarter and year-to-date provisional data are displayed in a metric summary table. The dashboard also displays trends over time in graphs of each metric for the state and all 100 counties. More information, including instructions on how to use the dashboard, can be found here.