Tiffany Perdue Discusses Continuous Improvement and Development

Hello, my name is Tiffany Perdue and I’m a Laboratory Improvement Consultant at the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health.

As a consultant, it is my responsibility to train healthcare professionals in the local health departments throughout the state on laboratory testing procedures. I must be abreast of current laboratory testing policies and present it in a manner that is economic, effective and efficient, all while not compromising the standards of patient testing.

I can do my job better when I understand and apply the critical concepts that are important to the agency. Attending training and quality assurance workshops and seminars shows that I am committed to continuous improvement and development which promotes learning and supports the developmental growth of myself and others. I am constantly researching ways to improve upon my training methodologies so that when healthcare professionals leave my workshop they have the confidence to perform laboratory tests back at their facility. 

Having a work culture and an individual mindset of continuous improvement and development allows personal growth for employees as well as offer the best healthcare services for the citizens of North Carolina. In my opinion, that is what makes DHHS “A Great Place to Work”!