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Elizabeth Frederickson and John Resendes Discuss Teamwork and Collaboration

Hi, I’m Libby Frederickson and I’m John Resendes and we’re team members at the Office of Rural Health.

Libby – I believe that a workplace that values teamwork and collaboration has to put effort into maintaining and building that type of environment where people feel their voice is being heard and their work is truly appreciated.

John – I think teamwork and collaboration can be driven by the group dynamics. Trust and respect are critical in working together.  And, being open minded and accepting new approaches to tackle obstacles are critical for group work as well. 

Libby – I think that when most people think of teamwork and collaboration they think of a place where they are open to express themselves without risk of reprisal, where they feel their input and their contributions are valued by management and their co-workers.

John – I think to other employees, teamwork and collaboration means empowering them, building a sense of trust, providing ownership and responsibilities for their work, and creating a positive work environment. 

Libby – Our leadership actively promotes teamwork and collaboration by respecting others and their ideas even when their ideas are different. 

John – One of the first things I noticed about DHHS is everybody’s friendly demeanor.  We all work really hard to treat each other with dignity and respect and that increases my job satisfaction.

Libby – I agree, I really enjoy coming to work.  I feel that leadership and my co-workers have a mutual respect for one another and that they truly value my contributions.     

John – Teamwork and Collaboration

Libby – Together making DHHS a Great Place to Work!