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Provider Monitoring

Instructions for Using the FAQs Document

Provider Monitoring Main page

The answers to questions about the routine provider monitoring process have been compiled into a Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) document.  This document serves as the primary source for disseminating clarifications on the process across the system.  These questions come from providers and staff at the LME-MCOs primarily through the mailbox.

A wide range of questions have been submitted.  In some cases, the verbatim question was captured.  When essentially the same question is asked more than once, it will not be repeated although it might be paraphrased in order to capture another aspect or nuance of the question.

To facilitate finding the answers to specific questions of interest, a topical index has been developed.  This topical index provides a main keyword and up to two related keywords related to the subject. 

The FAQs are done in Excel to assist in quickly accessing information about a specific subject.

Download the FAQ document on your computer.

To help locate a specific topic of interest, the headings on the spreadsheet can be filtered.  By using the drop-down menu and selecting a topic, all the FAQs related to that topic will be pulled up. 

Selections can be made on the basis of the primary keyword only or on the basis of the primary keyword in conjunction with related keywords (depending on the desired level of refinement/specificity).

In general, the primary keyword reflects the basic essence of the question asked.  

An alternative way of finding FAQs on a specific topic is to do a global word search across the entire document [Ctrl F] rather than filtering the topics and using the drop-down menus. This document can also be sorted by date and topic. 

The FAQs are posted in chronological order.  As new FAQs are posted, they are added to the spreadsheet.  The date of the posting is noted for each question.

As this new monitoring process evolves, we will closely watch how well it serves its purpose. As the process unfolds, additional research is done and new information is considered, there will be changes in previous positions which will be reflected in the guidelines. These changes will be made in order to improve the continuity and effectiveness of the process. 

Some revisions in the guidance provided will be implemented immediately and included in this FAQs document.  There are other changes in operations that will be implemented later in the process.

In this FAQs document, an asterisk (*) will precede those questions where a later clarification has been added or to identify a new operational decision.

As part of our commitment to continuous quality improvement, the workgroup is constantly evaluating the effectiveness of the process.  As this new process for routine monitoring unfolds and as additional research is done and new information considered, there may be modifications in previous positions reflected in the FAQs. 

The most recent clarifications supersede or provide additional information about a previously asked question.  In cases where a subsequent communication provides clarification on a previous FAQ, the previous communication will be referenced.  When changes in operational decisions occur, the policy in place at the time the monitoring occurred is the standard that will be applied to that monitoring event. Ready NC Connect NC