Secretarial Directives

Permanent Directives

Number Title Date Signed Status
005 Community and Partner Engagement 2/22/24 In Effect 
2023-001 Tailored Plan Readiness & LME/MCO Streamlining Pursuant to SL 2023-134 11/1/23 In Effect
001 Signature Authority and Delegation of Authority 06/19/23 In Effect
003 Delegation of Authority Concerning Grants, Budget and Financial Matters 09/26/22 In Effect
004 Contracts and Procurement, Infographic 07/26/22 In Effect


Temporary Directives

Number Title Date Signed Status Expires
2022-01 Declaration of Continuing Benefits due to COVID-19. 7/18/2022 In Effect At conclusion of Federal Public Health Emergency.


Additional Directives