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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services

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Resources for Records Management

Records Management

Links to Record Retention Source Documents

Medical Record Contacts

The following is a list of Medical Records contacts for each of the LMEs. Please contact the designated person should you have records questions or need to request records from the LME or a provider in the LME catchment area that may no longer be in business.
LME Medical Records Contacts (8/14)

DHHS Record Retention Policy: record_retention.pdf

General Schedule for State Agencies: Applies to state agencies only

Schedule for State and Area Facilities (APSM 10-3): For LME and Providers and State Facilities

Schedule for Central and Regional Offices (APSM 10-4): For DMH Central Office

Schedule for LME (Local Management Entity) - (APSM 10-6) October 26, 2011>

Schedule for LME (Local Management Entity) Provider - (APSM 10-5) - October 26, 2011


Record Storage Log
Record Destruction Log

Records Management and Documentation Manual (APSM 45-2)

Provides the requirements and guidelines for Medicaid, DMH/DD/SA rules, policies, and procedures, as well as other applicable regulations to move toward greater uniformity in record-keeping.

Department of Cultural Resources (DCR) Government Records Branch

Provides and administers records management services to state government agencies, local government agencies, and state-supported institutions of higher education in North Carolina in accordance with General Statutes 121 and 132 and the mandate provided in these laws for the preservation of the historical record of this state.This site provides guidelines on electronic records, imaging documents and other important records management topics. A course schedule and registration information are provided for the records management workshops conducted by DCR. Online tutorials and PowerPoint presentations for some courses are also posted on this site.

The Government Records Branch also issues guidance on managing various aspects of electronic records:

N. C. Guidelines for Managing Public Records Produced by Information Technology (Rev. 10/16/09):

Electronic Records Guidelines includes general guidelines and guidelines for e-mail, web sites and digital imaging systems (12/18/09):

Database Inventory Worksheet (7/15/96):

FAQs About Public Electronic Records (10/15/09):

Public Database Indexing Guidelines (Sept.1996/Rev.10/19/09):

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

This site provides information and resources to assist agencies in assessing their risk or vulnerability for losing documents due to hurricanes, floods, fires, humidity, mold, pests, power outages, etc. Guidelines are provided for developing a disaster preparedness plan to mitigate loss or damage to records. A list of vendors that offer products and services to assist in the preservation and recovery of records is also provided.

General Statute 121-5: N.C. Archives and History Act-Public Records and Archives:

General Statute 132: Public Records Law:

If there are records management or records retention questions, please contact Ready NC Connect NC