NC Medicaid Transformation

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DHHS Shares Detailed Design for Medicaid Managed Care; Public Input is Welcome

The Department of Health and Human Services has released a detailed proposed program design for transforming the state Medicaid and NC Health Choice programs to managed care. DHHS issued its proposed program design to ensure stakeholders have an opportunity to comment on managed care specifics. Comments are being accepted through Sept. 8, 2017.

Medicaid Managed Care Proposed Program Design - August 2017

Information for Beneficiaries and Providers

The Medicaid Managed Care Proposed Program Design is a detailed document, and is available to ensure providers have an opportunity to review, and comment on, the specifics of the DHHS vision for managed care. For a brief look at the key points of the proposed program design and how it could affect a provider or beneficiary:

Medicaid Managed Care: A guide for people with North Carolina Medicaid - August 2017

Medicaid Managed Care: A guide for North Carolina Medicaid and NC Health Choice providers - August 2017

Public Input

DHHS knows it is crucial to listen to and learn from the people who live and work with Medicaid every day. To develop a proposed program design that is right for North Carolina, DHHS has talked with providers, beneficiaries and advocates, health care experts across the state and the country, leaders in other states who have already transitioned Medicaid programs to managed care, and many others who are interested in improving the health of North Carolinians. DHHS is committed to continuing this partnership.

Public Comment Summary - April/May 2017

How to Submit Comments


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