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Adult Services Section

North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services

Health Support Services

Health Support Services help individuals and families to recognize health needs including those related to alcohol and drug abuse; to cope with incapacities and limited functioning resulting from aging, physical disability or handicap; and to choose, obtain and use resources from public, private agencies or providers of health services.
Health Support Services help individuals and their families:

  • recognize and understand health problems
  • locate appropriate treatment
  • identify ways to pay for needed care and or services
  • cope with one or more disabling conditions and limited functioning
  • avoid future health risks
  • arrange out-of-home placement(s), when necessary

This includes enabling individuals and families to voluntarily limit the size of their families by helping to prevent or reduce the incidents of births out of wedlock through Family Planning Services. At the option of the county, payment for medical services for non-therapeutic voluntary sterilization may also be available to eligible low-income individuals.

For more information about Health Support Services and Family Planning Services, contact your county department of social services.


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Last updated July 9, 2013

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