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Adult Services Section

North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services

Special Assistance In-Home Program
(State-County Special Assistance In-Home Program for Adults)

The State/County Special Assistance In-Home Program for Adults (SA/IH) provides a cash supplement to help low-income individuals who are at risk of entering a residential facility such as an adult care home or supervised living group home, and would like to remain at home. SA/IH provides an alternative to placement in this type of residential setting for individuals who could live at home safely with additional support services and income.

Applicants and recipient for SA/IH must be eligible for Categorically Needy Medicaid as a requirement to be eligible for SA/IH. If an applicant for the SA/IH Program is not already receiving Medicaid, they must apply for it and be found eligible.

Case managers at the county departments of social services conduct comprehensive assessments to identify the nature and extent of the impact of certain factors on the lives of individuals requesting Special Assistance payments and how the factors affect their ability to live at home.

The SA/IH Program payment can help with living expenses such as food, shelter, clothing and other daily necessities. The payments are sent monthly to eligible individuals living in a private living arrangement. The amount of the payment is based on income and need in conjunction with a comprehensive services assessment.

Primary factors include:

  1. the functional status of the client and need for care and services;
  2. availability of family, friends, and neighbors to provide care and services;
  3. availability and access to care and services from agencies and other formal service providers;
  4. ability to pay for housing; and
  5. availability of affordable and safe housing.

The services assessment is needed to determine whether an applicant/recipient could remain safely at home, and what support services and additional income would be needed to assure the applicantís needs are met. The case managerís role is an essential one in helping the clients remain at home. All SA/IH recipients receive ongoing case management.

Using the assessment information, the case managers work directly with the recipients and their families and other caregivers to develop a care plan that enables the recipient to live at home rather than move to a residential care facility. The case managers, working with the recipient also establish the amount of the SA/IH payment. They determine how the payments will be used, and monitor to assure that the payments are used for the intended purpose.

The North Carolina General Assembly in 2012 passed legislation (SL 2012-142) that requires all 100 county DSSís to participate in the Special Assistance In-Home Program by February 15, 2013. Each participating county will have an assigned number of slots.

For more information about the State/County Special Assistance In-Home program please view our fact sheets/flyers about the Program. County DSSís can type their contact information into the text box provided.

For information on Special Assistance for adults who need ACH level of care in an Adult Care Home please view Adult Care Home Assistance.

If you or someone you know requires these services, contact your county department of social services.

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