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Adult Services Section

North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services


Aging and Adult Services
Special Assistance In Home Case Management Manual

Policy and Procedures Manual
SAIH Case Management Manual SAIHCM - 5600

Appendix A
SA/IH Flow Chart

Appendix B
SA IH Pre-screening Form

Appendix C
SA/IH Waiting List Form

Appendix D
Sample Initial FL2 Request Letter

Appendix E
SA/IH Program Interagency Transmittal Form

Appendix F
Case Managerís Checklist

Appendix G
SA/IH Slot Request

Appendix H
At Risk Pre-screening Tool

Appendix I
Economic Assessment Worksheet

Appendix I, Part 2
Economic Assessment Instructions

Appendix K
Sample Reassessment FL2 Letter

Change Notices
Change Notice 02-2014 September 10, 2014
Change Notice 01-2014 January 15, 2014
Change Notice 02-2012 September 21, 2012
Change Notice 01-2012 February 21, 2012

Administrative Letters
Admin Letter 09-2015 June 30, 2015
Admin Letter 08-2015 June 25, 2015
Admin Letter 08-2013 August 02, 2013
Admin Letter 07-2013 April 24, 2013
Admin Letter 13-2011 September 20, 2011


    Last updated July 1, 2015

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What is Adult Services?

Facilities FAQ

SA Training Materials

SA Monitoring Plan

Procedures for Accessing Transition Funds

Certification Assessment Tool

Adult Care Home Resident Discharge Team

Establishment of the ACHRDT

What we do