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North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services


    Planning, Budget and Systems Support

    This section of the Division of Aging and Adult Services is responsible for the development of the State Aging Services Plan required by the NC General Assembly and the State's Title III plan required by the Older Americans Act.

    The section is responsible for reviewing and assisting the work of Area Agencies on Aging in implementing their area plans and for providing technical assistance to local service providers and others. This includes support of local planning for the Home and Community Care Block Grant. The section also serves as a vehicle for identifying, developing, analyzing and presenting information that instructs, guides and supports the diverse work of the Division. Overall coordination of this web site is the responsibility of this Section

    The following topics relate to the work of this section:

    The section is responsible for the development, operation and oversight of the budget and information systems for the Division of Aging and Adult Services. This includes preparation and management of a funding plan for allocation of federal and state funds for use by the Division, Area Agencies on Aging, local service providers, and other entities. The sectionís work also involves management and maintenance of the Aging Resource Management Systems (ARMS), which is the Divisionís automated client tracking and reimbursement system. ARMS tracks clients and services, computes and triggers the reimbursement due to community service providers, and produces reports for use in program and fiscal management.

    • Preparation and distribution of funding to Area Agencies on Aging, counties and program contractors
    • Budget and management assistance for Area Agencies on Aging and local service providers
    • Provision of budgeting and program data within Department of Health and Human Services and to the General Assembly, various aging organizations and the general public
    • Fiscal monitoring and internal review of direct and pass-through grant awards
    • Consultation with Area Agencies on Aging on service utilization patterns and in the area of audit resolution
    • Development of training materials and provision of technical assistance in the areas of internal controls,
      fiscal monitoring guides and other fiscal management tools
    • Assistance with cost account issues
    • Technical assistance for computer/software related problems
    • Support for AAAs and Local Service Providers
    • Support for Division and Departmental Management
    • Database analysis and reporting
    • Budget analysis

    For more information contact Joseph Breen.

    Last updated June 3, 2013