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North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services


The Ann Johnson Institute for Senior Center Management

In 2001, the Division of Aging and Adult Services initiated a management training program for senior center managers and leaders. The objective of the program is to support senior center personnel by providing a means to increase management skills, upgrade credentials, and enhance the senior center management profession.

The three-year certificate program is named in honor of North Carolina’s own Ann Johnson, nationally recognized aging advocate and champion of senior centers. The Division of Aging and Adult Services named the program for Ann Johnson for several reasons:

  1. Ms. Johnson is recognized both state and nationally for her many significant contributions in the field of picture for Ann Johnsonsenior center development;
  2. her name is associated statewide and nationally with quality, credibility, and high standards of excellence;
  3. she has long recognized the critical importance of quality training and skills-development for senior center managers and staff and
  4. she has been a strong advocate in encouraging the Division to develop a management training certificate program.

Content and format are based on the results of surveys, focus groups, meetings with senior center managers and the input of an advisory group comprised primarily of senior center directors. Training topics were chosen to mirror those that senior center managers and directors felt were most needed to do their job effectively. The UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work’s Center for Aging Research and Educational Services (CARES) is assisting the Division with developing, facilitating, and evaluating the training.

Six individual training modules, each two-and-a-half days in length, are included in the curriculum. The Division will present two new modules each year, so senior center managers can become certified over a three-year period. All six modules must be completed to receive a Certificate, although there is no required order and participants may begin with any module.

The Institute is the second major step in a multi-year, comprehensive approach to enhance senior center development in North Carolina. The first step, the senior center certification process, has been developed over the past two and a half years.

When specific information on an upcoming module is developed, it is featured either as a headline at the top of the Division of Aging and Adult Services' home page or under Hot Topics.


Last updated August 13, 2014


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