Home Care Independence

Home Care Independence (HCI) is a consumer directed program of in-home care that allows an older adult to hire family, friends or others as a caregiver, or Personal Assistant. The Personal Assistant will provide home management and/or personal care assistance requested by the older adult.

Older adults in HCI will have a Care Advisor from the local agency that makes available the HCI program. The Care Advisor will help them consider options of care and can offer advice/guidance about how best to function as a participant in this approach to home care service.

A vendor of financial management and payroll services will provide payroll assistance. This helps workers get paid in a timely and accurate manner and that all related payroll taxes and obligations are paid according to schedules of relevant governmental entities.

Home Care Independence available in six counties:

  1. Alleghany
  2. Cumberland
  3. Martin
  4. Mecklenburg
  5. Person
  6. Wayne

See the listing of consumer directed service agencies for the locations of this program.


For more information regarding HCI, contact Mary Jo Littlewood or Mark Hensley.

More Information

Home Care Independence Operations Manual
Home Care Independence Forms
CDS ARMS Requirements

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