Options Counseling

Options Counseling helps individuals and families make service and support choices that fit well with their needs, goals and preferences.

Community Resource Connections for Aging and Disabilities (CRCs) promote informed decisions about long-term services and supports are a major goal of Aging and Disability Resource Centers in North Carolina. CRCs meet individuals at times of critical decision-making and change in their lives and to provide decision-support through Options Counseling.

Options Counseling is available to individuals who:

  • Do not know how to access long-term services and supports
  • Request transition assistance from one living setting to another
  • Lack awareness of existing community resources and supports
  • Request an interest in receiving information or advice concerning long-term services and supports
  • Are referred to the CRC by a hospital, nursing home, assisted living home, community-based service provider or other agency


Contact Jan Moxley at the Division with questions concerning Information and Options Counseling.

More Information

Options Counseling Standard
Options Counseling Form (For AAA use only)

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