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NC Department of Health and Human Services

2013 Memos to Division Directors

Memorandum Letter Number File Type
2013-07 Certification of 2013-14 Budget 2013-7 66KB PDF
      - 2013-14 Certification Template 2013-07a 26KB XLS
2013-06 Certification of 2013-14 Budget 2013-6 67KB PDF
      - 2013-14 Certification Template 2013-06a 23KB XLS
2013-05 Travel Subsistence Rate Revision 2013-5 48KB PDF
      - 2013-15 Travel Subsistence Rate Revisions Memo from Art Pope 2013-05a 50KB PDF
2013-04 DHHS Grants Template 2013-4 72KB PDF
      - Grants Template Rev 3-27-13 2013-04a 32KB XLS
2013-03 Budget Management Initiatives 2013-03 98KB PDF
      - Budget Management Initiatives 03-08-13 Signed 2013-03a 146KB PDF
      - HR Restrictions 2013-03b 31KB DOC
      - Travel Purchase Contract Approval Form 2013-03c 31KB XLS
Guidance Regarding SFY 12-13 Budget Management Restrictions Purchase and Travel Restrictions 2013-02 81KB PDF
      - Travel-Purchase Restriction Form 2013-02a 33KB XLS
Conference Report Item #22-Non-Profit Contract Reductions 2013-01 73KB PDF
      - Summary of SFY 2012-13 Non-Profit Contract Reductions 2013-01a 104KB XLS



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