State Rehabilitation Council

The purpose of the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) is to work with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS or VR) to expand vocational rehabilitation services. The council allows customers and stakeholders of vocational rehabilitation services to influence the policies and direction of the VR at the highest administrative level.

Members are selected from organizations representing individuals with disabilities and organizations interested in individuals with disabilities. Each member is appointed by the Governor, the President Pro-Tem of the Senate and the Speaker of the House to serve a three-year term.

Council Members



Lisa Ward-Ross, Chair


Providers of Community Rehabilitation Services

John Marens, Vice Chair


Client Assistance Program

Doreen Byrd, Past Chair


Parent Training and Information Centers

Margaret Ackley


Regional Rehabilitation Centers

Stephen “Mark” Baker


Disability Advocacy Groups

Quintin Boston


Non-DVRS Rehabilitation Counselors

Wayne Giese


Disability Advocacy Groups

Robert Gilmore


NCDVRS Consumers

Cindy Harrell

Elm City

Business and Industry Sector

Michael Hobbs


Business and Industry Sector

Kimlyn Lambert


Director of Projects under Section 121

Clare “Ping” Miller


North Carolina Chamber of Commerce

Laurie Ray


State Education Agency (IDEA)

Baldwin “Keith” Renner

Elizabeth City


Brenda Savage


Department of Commerce, Workforce Solutions

Elizabeth Bishop


Division Director, NCDVRS
Ex-Officio Member

Kenny Gibbs


CAC Statewide Representative, NCDVRS

Collis Niro

Eastern Region

CAC Representative, NC DVRS

NCSRC Subcommittees

Executive Committee

The primary purpose of the executive committee is to:

  • Set the overall direction for the council.
  • Address the mandated functions of the SRC.
  • Assure that SRC members are familiar with their roles and responsibilities.
  • Guide the DVRS with the development of the state plan.
  • Develop a comprehensive needs assessment.

Consumer Input and Public Outreach Committee

The primary purpose of the Consumer Input and Public Outreach Committee is to:

  • Get feedback from consumers and other stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and services.
  • Get feedback from consumers and other stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and other public and private agencies.

Policy, Procedure and Plan Review Committee

The primary purpose of the Policy and Rules Committee is to:

  • Review division policy and rules subject to the Administrative Procedures Act.
  • Use public feedback to make recommendations to the division concerning policy changes.

Contact the SRC Chairperson

Contact Information

Kim Schmidt, NCSRC Liaison
Phone: 919-855-3533

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