DAAS Programmatic Monitoring Tools



DOA-711 - Notice of Record (Reversionary Interest Unit of Local Governments)

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DOA-712 - Notice of Record (Reversionary Interest Private Non-Profit Corporations)

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  1. Adult Day Care/Day Health
  2. Care Management
  3. Family Caregiver Support Program
    • For AAAs Monitoring Providers
    • AAA Monitoring Tool Manual
  4. Health Screening 
  5. Health Promotion/Disease Prevention
  6. Home Health Services
  7. Information and Options Counseling Monitoring Tool
    • Information and Assistance Information Log
    • Information and Options Counseling Tool
  8. Housing and Home Improvement
    • Monitoring Tool Part I: Performance Review
    • Monitoring Tool Part II: Service Provider Review
  9. In-Home Aide Services
    • Instructions
    • Program Administration
    • Program AdministrationAttachments A-C
    • Client Record Review
    • In-Home Aide Contract Example
    • County General Contract
    • In-Home Aide Contract Attachment B
  10. Institutional Respite Care
  11. Legal Services
  12. Mental Health Counseling Monitoring Tool
  13. Mental Health Counseling Sample Client Log
  14. Nutrition – HCCBG
    Attachment C -
    • Congregate Nutrition
    • Congregate Liquid Nutritional Supplement
    • Congregate Nutrition NSIP Only
    • CongregateLiquid Nutritional Supplement NSIP Only
    • CongregateTherapeutic Diet Meals
    • Home Delivered Nutrition
    • Home Delivered Liquid Nutritional Supplement
    • Home Delivered Nutrition NSIP Only
    • Home Delivered Liquid Nutritional Supplement NSIP Only
    • Home Delivered Therapeutic Diet Meals
  15. Respite, Group
    • Group Respite Performance Review Tool
  16. Senior Center Outreach
  17. Senior Center Operations
  18. Senior Center Long Term Obligations
    • DOA-710 - Verification of Compliance
    • DOA-711 - Notice of Record (Reversionary Interest Unit of Local Governments)
    • DOA-712 - Notice of Record (Reversionary Interest Private Non-Profit Corporations)
  19. Senior Companion
  20. Transportation Services
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