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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Services for the Blind

Independent Living Skills Services

Daily Living Skills

Independent Living Services (ILS) provides opportunities and resources which enable blind and visually impaired individuals develop daily living skills to achieve their maximum level of independence. Services are offered by social workers for the blind to individuals of all ages in all 100 counties in North Carolina. 

The services below are offered at no cost except for In-Home Assistance and eligibility is based on vision and the need for the services:

Adjustment To Vision Loss Training

We offer many services to assist you in adapting to your vision loss and learning to live independently and safely in your home and community. These services include:

  • Counseling
  • Information and referral to other resources
  • Instruction in cooking, handwriting, use of the phone, and other areas
  • Leisure and Recreation Activities

One of our Social Workers for the Blind or Independent Living Rehabilitation Counselors can assist you in these areas.

In-Home Assistance (Aides)

If you are legally blind, meet the income scale for this service, and require in-home assistance in order to continue living safely and effectively in your home, you may be able to receive this service through one of our Social Workers for the Blind. Provision of this service is totally dependent on funding availability. Only home management tasks such as cleaning, cooking and laundering are performed.

Low Vision and Adaptive Aids

If you have lost vision, items such as timers with enlarged numbers, talking clocks, paper with darker lines, adapted cooking utensils and magnifiers make routine tasks easier. We can talk with you about the things that you have difficulty doing and try to identify aids that will assist you. Assistance in purchasing some aids may be available. Contact a Social Worker for the Blind or Independent Living Rehabilitation Counselor to assist you.

Managing Your Environment

Another key to adjusting to life with limited vision involves managing the environment. Learning to mark or label and organize items, marking appliance dials, and controlling lighting are among things that our Social Workers for the Blind or Independent Living Rehabilitation Counselors can help you with in your home.

Safe Travel Training (Orientation and Mobility)

We provide instruction in all aspects of safe travel through our Orientation and Mobility Instructors. Skills can be taught in the use of a sighted guide, white cane, public transportation, and environmental cues and directions. We do not train dog guides nor do we train people to use dog guides. However, we can assist with orientation to routes if a dog guide has been obtained. Please contact your nearest district office for assistance.


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