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Our desire is that you enjoy your visit. The following guidelines will assist you in having a safe and successful visit. Visiting hours in the adult units are daily as follows: Monday – Friday 2:00 pm— 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Weekends 9:30 am – 10:30 am, 1:30 am – 4:30 pm, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Adolescent Unit visitation must be scheduled in advance through the patients social worker and only visitors on the guardian approved visitation list will be permitted.

Visitation areas are provided off the units and are supervised at all times.

Children less than 14 years of age are not allowed to visit with consumers without a doctor’s order, with the exception of the Adolescent Unit, and may be time limited by the physician.

Visiting for longer than 2 hours per day is discouraged, unless otherwise indicated in the consumer’s treatment plan.

Visitors are to identify themselves with a picture ID* and sign the Visitor’s Sign-In and Confidentiality Agreement Log. After signing in, the visitor will be issued a temporary name badge.

*Please note: If you do not have a picture ID, you will need to meet with the RN Manager, Unit Director, or RN in charge for identification purposes should a description be needed in the future.

Visitors will be asked to place all carry-in items in the lockers available in each unit or return them to their cars. All carry-in items, including purses, will be subject to search. Visitors shall also be required to empty their pockets to assure potentially harmful items are not taken into patient areas.

Visitors are expected to dress in a manner that is in good taste and provides a good example for the consumers.

Consumers are limited to 4 visitors at one time.

Intoxicated visitor/s will be denied visiting privileges.

Due to confidentiality laws, cellular phones and cameras are not allowed. These items can be returned to your vehicle or placed in an assigned locker until the visit is complete.

Orderliness is expected in visiting areas at all times by both adults and children. In the event a visitor or consumer displays aggressive/disorderly conduct during a visit, the visit will be terminated and the visitor/s will be requested to leave.

Conjugal visits are not permitted.

All weapons are prohibited.

Food brought into the hospital will be screened by visitation staff and must be consumed during visitation. Drinks have to be in a sealed container or purchased from the drink maching in the PCUs. (No fountain type drinks can be brought in). Please consult with the patient’s social worker or on duty RN about other items of interest to the patient.

Do not pass any items such as weapons, illegal substances, medications, razors, glass items, cigarettes, lighters, matches, belts, mouth wash, pantyhose, energy drinks, neckties, gum, or plastic bags to the patients as these items are not permitted on the wards For a complete list please refer to the contraband list posted on the visitor’s room wall.

To decrease your wait time and to ensure the team members you would like to see are available, families are encouraged to schedule conferences. Please call ahead. Family members are also encouraged to participate in consumer’s treatment team meetings if family member is guardian, or if consent is granted by the consumer.

Unless required or permitted by state and/or federal law, Cherry Hospital staff cannot discuss the care & treatment of competent adult consumers (ages 18 and over) without the consumer’s consent; and cannot discuss the care and treatment of incompetent adult consumers or minors without consent of the legally responsible person. You may call the following numbers and staff will assist you with questions if the consumer/legally responsible person has given permission as stipulated above. The hospital also has a toll free number for your convenience—1-877-242-2735.

Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm—Consumer’s social worker (call main number for consumer’s assigned unit)

All other times– 919-731-3358 (Central Nursing Office)

To report allegations of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, or for complaints/grievances, etc., call the Advocacy Department main number: 919-731-3514.
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