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Data on Caswell Developmental Center

Caswell Developmental Center provides specialized residential, programmatic and support services for people with developmental disabilities. The center, which opened in 1914, has 529 beds. In addition, it will deliver support services to individuals who are discharged to lesser restrictive settings in the community.  Caswell Developmental Center provides quality services to individuals with Caswell graphic mental retardation and to their families who reside within the 38 counties of the Eastern Region. To be eligible for admission to the center a person must have a diagnosis of profound, severe or moderate mental retardation or a related developmental disability. No one is denied admission because of inability to pay.

The developmental centers are inspected at least annually by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). external link graphic Inspectors may also conduct inspections in order to assess problems that arise between recertification visits.  CMS decides whether the developmental centers are in compliance with standards and thereby eligible to receive payment through Medicare and/or Medicaid.  Copies of CMS inspections are available from the DHHS Public Affairs Office at 919-733-9190.


Facility News

Caswell Celebrates 100 years of Service

Survey results are available by contacting DHHS Public Affairs Office.

  • ICF-IID recertification on May 21, 2013